Sorry, Miranda : Why i’m choosing Reiss’ florals for SS14.

Have you seen the latest Richard Curtis blub-fest, ‘About Time’, yet? It’s rare that I view a film twice in quick succession, but this story of time-travel and falling in love has broken my resolve, because i’m a soppy romantic and pathetic. I’m at six views and i’ve only had the DVD for three weeks. Yes, I am one of those lowly people that enjoyed ‘The Notebook’, so the very fact that it has Rachel McAdams in it was enough for me to give it a go.


The Great British Summertime.

My friends and family would tell you that my usual blabbering is now punctuated, frequently, with an annoying, mock-teary exclamation of:

“We’re all travelling through time together!”

I haven’t been to Cornwall before and I wasn’t particularly fussed about changing that fact.  I thought everyone there was a fisherman or something and that they live off cream teas and pasties (which sounds great, actually). However, I now want to go and skim stones at the beach like Bill Nighy. The film features the most beautiful shots of Cornwall landscapes and they’re making me dream of sunshine and holidays, garden parties and balmy evenings.

Despite my Dad telling me that we’re forecast snow in the North-West (where has he got that from?), Winter is over for me and i’m looking to Spring/Summer. It seems that, on the High Street, Reiss is well ahead of me.

For their SS14 campaign, Reiss’ model looks wholesome and somewhat dainty and the leafy setting of the shoot, for me, captures that fresh, Spring feeling.

I have some serious hair envy going on, too.

For this season, their colour palette is muted and understated. Reiss’ fabrics are light and breezy, without compromising on quality.


I know, right?

This could be seen as an obvious choice, but I particularly like this ‘Crawford’ dress that i’ve been lusting after, online. As it is double-layered, the dress will move beautifully when you walk. The pockets are a plus as i’m a bit awkward about party dressing and I like this relaxed, added detail. I’d pair this with some black sandals with a reassuring ankle-strap – why bother with a gorgeous dress at an event and then spoil it by walking like a baby deer? Next has these for £28.00.(Orrr wear flats! See my post from Wednesday)


The ‘Crawford’ Dress at £159.00

Alternatively, I have found this cheaper dress in Zara for £39.99 (yes, I think Zara is becoming a theme on my blog), which I saw on my last visit to the Cathedral Street store in Manchester.

As a customer, I admire that Reiss appears to be more individual and entrepreneurial than other, more corporate, brands. It appears that this retailer is on the rise and, for me, Reiss accessories have become particularly covet-worthy over the last few seasons. I love the ‘lime sorbet’ colouring of this leather ‘Fennel’ shoulder bag. The streamlined shape is particularly appealing to me and it’s an accessory I could see me wearing day and night. For £159.00, I’d want to. A present for my half-birthday, anyone?

I couldn’t write a post about Reiss without mentioning their tailoring. For event dressing this Spring/Summer, i’d choose this double-breasted ‘Monza’ blazer. Again, the colour is lovely and I think this jacket would look nice draped nonchalantly around the shoulders.


Blazer, French Connection £150 £25

For jackets of this double-breasted style, I recommend a trip to Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet Shopping Centre in Ellesmere Port. I spent time rifling through the racks at the French Connection outlet and bought myself a double-breasted, grey, herringbone blazer reduced from £150.00 to £25.00.

So, short and sweet and not particularly opinion-dividing recommendations today, but I feel that Reiss’ designs, whilst striking and directional, are classic and wearable. When i’m spending £159.00 on a dress, that’s important to me.



It’s my final post of my first week blogging and I wanted to say a big thank you to you all for reading. I thought that last thing people would want to see is my thoughts, word processed, but I have been overwhelmed by your positive response. A tweet in my first week from a London-based fashion brand was a big boost and, coupled with all your supportive messages, has given me the confidence to pursue my blog with enthusiasm.

Happy Friday Everyone! Have a lovely weekend!

I’m going to go and watch ‘About Time’, again.